Applying garden village principles to promote wellbeing
The link between good quality housing and improved health, wellbeing and economic prosperity of communities is well-evidenced and long-established. It is a founding principle of the garden village movement. The diverse local housing needs of Shropshire should be met through a balanced supply of high quality homes, built in the vernacular style, and designed to foster community by appealing to people at all stages in their lives.

Addressing local housing needs to retain local talent
Shropshire has a housing shortage of over 25,000 homes that need to be addressed.  A key priority will be to ensure that J3 addresses the difficulty experienced by younger people in affording access to housing, particularly when purchasing their first home.  This is a major contributing factor to people leaving the county and is an issue J3 can help address both in terms of the homes it will provide and the employment opportunities it will create.

The vision for J3 is a carefully designed new community close to jobs, with distinctive new neighbourhoods that will provide choice and help meet housing needs across the board. J3 will deliver a wide variety of energy efficient homes to own or rent, including spacious ‘lifetime homes’ and affordable housing.

Creating real communities around new civic infrastructure and recreational spaces
These new neighbourhoods will be underpinned as much by the employment and learning opportunities on the site as the attractive social and recreational spaces it will include. A comprehensive range of onsite facilities – including shops, community buildings, a medical facility and schools – will be integral to making J3 a great place to live.

Also vital to the residents’ and workforce’s wellbeing will be the generous provision of a dedicated woodland park, green open spaces, including playing an extensive informal recreation network all of which will promote active, healthy living.

Alleviating pressure on local social infrastructure
We will take pressure off existing facilities in Shifnal, Tong and Albrighton by providing new services and facilities – our development can deliver these benefits and save key local services by justifying for example hospital facilities in Telford currently under review. This will not only provide much needed additional capacity, but also expand patient and parental choice.

Part of a wider estate that thinks in generational timescales
All of this is set within the context of land which is in the single ownership of a family which has for generations been invested in the health and growth of Shropshire. We are not content with replicating the norm: the aspiration for J3 is to learn from the best that the county and country has to offer and innovate to provide workspaces, homes and facilities which are truly accessible to a wide range of people from Shropshire and beyond.