For the community

Weston will deliver an appropriate level of social infrastructure and day to day amenities necessary for the community to thrive.

Residents of surrounding villages might be enrolled in its schools, its training courses or with its GPs. It will be an inviting place to charge the car, stop for a coffee or pick up some local produce for dinner. Whatever the reason for visiting, you will find it easy to get to – by rail, bus, bicycle or on foot.

“Shropshire Council recognises that this proposal may represent a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to meet cross-boundary needs, through delivery of nationally significant employment opportunities, high quality housing and a local centre to provide services, facilities and infrastructure as part of a planned new settlement within an important strategic corridor.”


Building a community

A new town offering 2,900 high quality homes including affordable housing, with a village centre and two neighbourhood centres, all aligned with the proposed parks and landscape to create a distinctive setting.



Establishing future zero

Weston aims for zero carbon by providing exceptional levels of sustainability to its community through a low-carbon lifestyle encompassing energy efficient buildings, electric vehicle charging, clean energy, locally grown produce and walkable connections.



Developing the next Generation

An innovative regional centre for learning, research and development to boost and retain local skills.  The Midlands Tech Park comprises the largest mixed employment site, with a significant regional opportunity to attract large-scale investment from existing and emerging industries and strengthen aspirations of the M54 Growth Corridor.

Creating local empLoyment

Weston could bring up to 9,900 jobs in industries with future growth potential and established supply chains in the region particularly in advanced manufacturing, agri-tech, modern construction and renewable technologies.



growing local businesses

The residents, employees and visitors at Weston will provide a thriving new market for local products and services. The existing supply chain will have new corporate customers, and anyone with a great idea for a new business will find both space and expert support at our on-site hub.

Enhancing the historical enviroment

Weston will respect historic areas and the natural environment by designing sensitively, complimenting built and natural heritage assets and developing the existing historic pathways and woodlands to create a distinctive setting for businesses, local people and residents to enjoy.


The site is already strategically connected with access to the M54, A41, A5 with good rail connections from Cosford. As part of the development, there will be improved connectivity and transport links between local communities such Tong, Cosford and Albrighton to ensure a wealth of travel choices for the community.


An active lifestyle will be second nature at Weston, with everyday facilities within walking distance and the creation of safe routes for walking and cycling. Playing fields, green recreational space and access to water will also invite active leisure and wellbeing for the community and all generations to benefit from and enjoy.