Shaping a sustainable future for Shropshire

J3 will be a flagship for growth of which Shropshire can be justly proud. It will play its part in shaping the Shropshire working and living environment of tomorrow, with sustainability and social cohesion at its heart. Bradford Estates is committed to nurturing a successful and sustainable new place at J3 through long-term investment in infrastructure and responsible management and stewardship of the new community. It will strive to design, deliver and maintain a high quality place where individuals, communities and businesses can flourish. The vision for the site is of a phased development that will bring forward employment and residential uses in tandem – an integrated and more sustainable approach that is uniquely possible because of the ownership and configuration of the land.

Like the original 19th century garden villages, the inspiration for J3 is the foundation of industry and employment; a holistically designed, healthy place with the right employment, community facilities and range of housing. Strong cultural, recreational and shopping facilities are proposed within walkable, sociable neighbourhoods. J3 will support initiatives that innovate in terms of mobility, energy, learning and community forming, embracing new ideas and emerging technologies. It will also build upon Shropshire’s landscape and agricultural tradition, including extensive woodland planting, a country park destination, and the provision of allotments and orchards for growing food.

Bradford Estates’ legacy and its responsibility to manage its land is of paramount importance. Control on the quality of the proposals will be ensured through the long term involvement of the landowner and close co-operation with the local authority on development standards to establish a lasting sense of place.

For J3 the aspiration is to shape an innovative community that supports the needs – and nurtures the growth of – individuals and organisations:

Strong employment – start-ups, expanding successful businesses, county-leading.
A mix of homes – starter, family, down-sizing, affordable and adaptable.
Effective education – flourishing schools, access to wider technical and workplace training, adult learning and continuous upskilling.