A nationally significant, economic-led community, sustained by the local high quality environment and a location of unrivalled accessibility in Shropshire.

Jobs in fast growing businesses, within close reach of home and the inspirational backdrop of Shropshire

Strategic scale premier employment site bringing up to 7,000 permanent skilled jobs and anchored by a future looking enterprise and skills hub, to nurture Shropshire success.

Delivering a significant £390 million annual boost to the local economy and generating over £140 million of much needed fiscal revenues to Shropshire County Council over the next 25 -30 years


A green place of high environmental
quality that incorporates careful and sensitive design, respects local assets and contributes positively to a low carbon future.

Innovation and technology embraced, transforming ideas about how living, working and travel is done.

Supporting flexible, active
lifestyles and prioritising healthy, sustainable means of travel.

Spacious, high quality and affordable homes, to meet a diversity of needs.

Investing in the supporting
infrastructure that the J3 community needs to work, live, grow – and enjoy!